Community Guidelines

We want OKDOTHIS to be a fun, inspirational and safe place to share and learn.

Things to do:

  • Foster a sense of community. Play nice and engage with other OKDOTHIS members. Support and give feedback. Come from a place of wanting to help — it's what makes our community special.
  • Post only your original content.
  • Participate. Be active in doing DOs. Share photos and comment on other folks' photos. Have fun and be creative.
  • Be respectful, both when commenting on another person's photography as well with the photography you share.
  • Have a good idea? Create a DO for others to get inspired. However, check first to make sure that someone else hasn't already submitted your DO.
  • Stay committed, come back often, and help our community grow.

What not to do:

  • No ranting or venting, no spam. In other words, please play nice.
  • OKDOTHIS is not the place for nudity or adult content.
  • Photos with an offensive nature will be removed, including attacks on anyone based on their race, national origin, gender, religious affiliation, national origin, disabilities, sex, or sexual orientation.
  • Do not post negative feedback; keep it constructive. It's not civil and can cause you to be removed from OKDOTHIS. Treat fellow community members with respect.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with another user posting a photo you took, or if you find a photo offensive, you can flag the photo as inappropriate.
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